Photo by Val Marlene Photography

Photo by Val Marlene Photography


We'll have to tell you our love story some other time.


We’ve been married since August of 2011 and love it. It’s been an endless discovery to see the ways we complement each other and to find our rhythm as a couple. Key of A Studios is one of those ways. We shoot together, bringing our love for photography with our knack for design. So far it's been an adventure — a really fun one!



Adam is the technology guru who brings the vision and
all of the humor.

Enjoys the Kansas City Chiefs, extravagant dining, & expensive
black coffee



I’m the designer & stylist who geeks out about branding, typography & beautiful things.

Lover of words & paper, efficient organization and laughing that turns to crying


You don't forget the words to your favorite song.


You know when a song comes on, and you go back? Instantly. The words come. Everything. You step back into time — the time you last listened. We want to do that with what we create. To capture what’s happening in the truest way so when you look seven years from now, you’re there again. Singing along.